Blake Knit by Carolyn Friedlander

Blake Fabric - Carolyn Friedlander
Blake Knit image courtesy of Carolyn Friedlander

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big Carolyn Friedlander fan.  I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that there’s no one in the industry quite like her at the moment.  Using her architectural design background to create clean, modern, low volume prints with thoughtful pops of colour, every step in her fabric design is created with the end use in mind – she’s brought us such great collections with Robert Kaufman as Architextures, Doe, Carkai, Euclid & Friedlander.  And using that same thoughtful design process, we have her newest collection: Blake.

Blake Knit - Robert Kaufman
Blake Knit – Robert Kaufman – Images courtesy of Carolyn Friedlander

Blake is Carolyn’s first jersey knit collection, it’s on a 95% cotton, 5% spandex knit, a perfect t-shirt weight, and is 58″ wide.  You’ll still see her signature prints – our favourite crosshatch, a great geometric, and stripes with her signature use of colour.  You’d think that maybe with the move to knit fabric she might be thinking about just clothes, and have moved on from quilts, but she’s also designed 2 new quilt patterns to use with knit.

Tee Quilt by Carolyn Friedlander - images courtesy of Carolyn Friedlander
Tee Quilt by Carolyn Friedlander – images courtesy of Carolyn Friedlander

We’ve ordered all 9 pieces in this concise collection, and they’re due in to us in August/ September time.

We’ve put them up for pre-order now – and you can find them here.

We’ve also put together a list of knit patterns which we think would suit this collection perfectly!


Bento Tee – Liesl & Co
Knit Essentials – Alison Glass
Marianne – Christine Haynes
Out & About Dress – Sew Caroline
Wren Dress – Colette Patterns
Turner Dress – Cashmerette
The Gable Top – Jennifer Lauren Handmade
Womens Metro Tee – Liesl & Co
Beatrix Skater Dress – Named Clothing
Geodesic – Blueprints for Sewing


Mens Metro Tee Liesl & Co
Auden Cardigan – Jennifer Lauren Handmade


School Bus Tee – Oliver + S
Playtime Leggings – Oliver + S
Iris Tee – Two Stitches Patterns
Field Trip Raglan – Oliver + S


Grow Babygrow – Two Stitches Patterns