New Fabrics, New Patterns, New Inspiration

We’ve had a lot of deliveries this last couple of weeks, and sometimes you just can’t help yourself put together some fabric and pattern combos that are just crying out to be made.  At this stage my list is getting far too long to do anything about, especially with all that Christmas sewing only just getting started on (I know, it’s getting late but it’s really snuck up on me this year.)

Anyhow – I’m going to share them with you in the hopes that maybe some of you might decide to make them and I can live vicariously through you.

Number one on my list has gone from not-particularly-interested to must-make-today in the space of one fabric box opening.

The Rochester – in Savannah Crepe

Let me introduce you to The Rochester, by Maven Patterns.  Whilst I thought this a nice dress, I had no desire to make it for myself until I opened a box of Lady McElroy crepe fabric, and oh dear.  It suddenly was barreling its way to the top of my list.  This crepe fabric is smooth and drapey, with a heavy weight to it that makes it perfect for a dress like this one.   And I love the vintage vibe to this print.  We’ve bought in a few more of these crepe fabrics – and they truly are beautiful.  There’s other choices you could make too, including this vibrant gold print.

Chaffinch Bough in Gold – also available in Navy
Origami Shrug with Tokyo Parasol Lawn Kit






How’s about a different pattern/ fabric combo.  These are also from Lady McElroy, and they’re a beautiful silky cotton lawn.  We’ve had loads of comments in store about how silky this lawn feels.  Here I’ve chosen the Origami Shrug by Two Stitches – this is a totally quick make, you can knock one of these out in a couple of hours – and you only need 1 metre of fabric for this width, so maybe we do have time to fit in some Christmas sewing?

Origami Shrug in Floral Circle Lawn Kit

We’ve actually put together some kits for these too – you can find them here

Upton Dress in Lady McElroy lawn

Next up, also in Lady McElroy lawn, we have the Cashmerette Upton Dress in Mulberry Blooms.  I’m actually going to make this as a sample I think – for our curvy sewing class in the new year.  This gorgeous plum lawn will work so well for the skirt in this dress, and will be so comfortable to wear, too.  We’ve got a whole bunch of these lawns in – there’s something for everyone.


Lakeside Pyjamas in Viscose Linen Blend

My next pick is totally spring-like – but I’m going to pretend the sun is coming soon, and when it does I’ll be ready.  The Lakeside Pyjamas by Grainline Studio in this viscose linen blend spot.  Viscose linen? I hear you ask.  It’s got such great movement in it, like a lightweight linen blend with the swing and sway of a rayon.  It moves through your fingers like water, and feels just so luxurious.  I think it’s perfect for something like these PJ’s, or the True Bias Ogden Cami.

Maria Apron in Essex Linen Yarn Dyed Shale

I could totally carry on right here, but I have two more picks right now – and here’s the penultimate combo.  This is The Maria  Apron by Maven Patterns and I could have chosen any number of prints for this, but I think it’s beauty is in it’s simplicity, and what better than the entire colour palette of the Essex Linens to choose from?  The one pictured is yarn dyed Shale.



Jupe Brume with Midsummers Night Triple Crepe
Jupe Brume with Midsummers Night Triple Crepe

So I’ve possibly saved the best until last?  This Midsummer’s Night triple crepe from McElroy is heavy, drapy, and has a slight stretch.  This makes it – in my mind, simply perfect for a pencil skirt.  So I’ve matched it with the Brume Skirt by Deer + Doe.  And I think this is going to be simply perfection.