Denim Roll Top Backpack Tutorial

I’ve been pondering for a good while over this Robert Kaufman Selvedge Denim – ever since it came in late last year.  On the one hand, this denim is thick, sturdy, durable, gorgeous colour, and has that awesome selvedge.  On the other hand, it’s super thick and sturdy, and has that awesome selvedge that you definitely want to keep – and it’s quite narrow.  What on earth could I make with it?

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Toilet Roll Holder Tutorial

This project has been lurking in the back of my mind for far too long. I’m usually pretty quick at getting things like this done once the idea is fully formed. I’ve seen a few ‘ancient’ forms of loo roll holder around the world but nothing that would suit the modern bathroom. I found myself really bothered about loo rolls hanging around different bathrooms in baskets on the floor, windowsills and such inappropriate places. So finally, much to my husband’s amusement, I sat in front of the TV set a couple of evenings ago with a loo roll, a tape measure, notepad and pen in hand. Result!

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When the only thing you can do is quilt

The following guest post is written by Clare Mansell who is a local blogger and modern quilterJust before Christmas the parents at my local village primary school were told some devastating news. One of the children had been badly burned in a freak accident and was facing a lengthy stay in hospital. His father who had come to his aid was also injured. Immediately the parents and teachers wanted to do something to help and so started fundraising to ease the financial burden of the lengthy drives to and from the specialist unit where he was being treated, but the parents of his classmates wanted to do something personal too.

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